08 Sep Plant Spirit Massage, by Devon Whitney

Over the past 5 years I have been developing a deep relationship with plants through my studies in herbal medicine at Blazing Star Herbal School in Western MA and in Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery in Danby, VT. I have learned that plants support us on all levels: physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual. If we fully engage with them with all of our hearts, the healing they offer us is profound.
Plants provide our most basic needs; the oxygen and nutrients we need to sustain life. Plants take in the carbon dioxide we exhale. In a sense, we breathe for each other.  We have worked with plants as medicine for as long as we have existed. Today we are much more removed from the actual source of our plant medicine. The active chemical constituents of plants have been isolated, studied and extracted into many of the pharmaceuticals that we take today to heal our bodies, but our connections with the actual plants have been lost. My work with plants goes back to the source. Through time spent sitting and breathing with the plants in deep meditation, I learn about each plant’s vital essence and how it can help us to heal on different levels. This process involves engaging all of my senses to really “listen” to what the plants are offering us. Their healing messages may be communicated through their colors, textures, sounds, tastes, growth patterns/habits and can be applied to healing our bodies, minds and spirits. I make medicine with the plants whether it is an infused herbal oil, tincture or energetic connection that helps to restore aspects of the self. It is beautiful work for which I am extremely grateful.
Plant Spirit Massage developed naturally while working with several of the beautiful, open-hearted clients here at Jasmine.  Together we were doing relaxation massage, while at the same time working with the plants on an energetic level.  I began adding the infused herbal oils and flower essences that I create with the plants in my garden and the sessions became even more powerful. What the plants teach us if we engage with them using all of our senses is astounding. My intention is make the plant’s teachings available through the body work that I offer. Plant Spirit Massage is a new integration of the work that is dearest to my heart and I am so excited to offer it here at Jasmine.
Plant Spirit Massage          90 min $105
Each session will begin with a verbal intake/check in about what is going on with you and your needs, goals and intentions for the treatment. We will then chose an infused herbal oil and flower essence to use during the massage that best meet those needs. The massage will be guided by our initial intake conversation and the energy of the plants.  After the massage we will also have a conversation about what came up for you during the session and ideas for how you can continue to work with the plants for healing at home on your own.
To schedule your Plant Spirit Massage, email us at info@jasminevt.com or call us at 802-257-0333.