31 Mar What is Thai Herbal Massage?

Our very popular Thai Herbal Massage is a fantastic remedy for tired, sore muscles and joints, recovering from injury or illness, and general fatigue.

We steam herbal compresses filled with lemongrass, eucalyptus, ginger, galangal (a Thai ginger), and cinnamon. The body is massaged with the compresses much like a hot stone massage. The herbs are anti-inflammatory yet increase circulation and warm the body. They decongest areas of stagnation, including the lungs. The heat from the compresses is deeply penetrating, and the scent is the amazing mixture of the herbs.

A Thai Herbal Massage is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. It uplifts the energy while reducing stress and tension.If you love heat, and want a deeply relaxing massage without deep tissue pressure, feel tired, sore all over, or congested, this massage is for you.