For Men

All of our services are available for both men and women. However, we have specially included these these treatments for men’s grooming, stress management and health.

Men’s Anti-aging Facial

For normal and mature skin types, a powerful anti-aging facial which deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and restores the skin.


60 min $83

Men’s Back Facial

Improve the skin on the back with a skin care treatment to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and revitalize this hard to reach area.


50 min $65


Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. It involves the stimulation of points on the body using very fine needles to correct imbalances in the flow of vital energy (qi) through channels in the body called  meridians. It has many benefits including pain reduction, faster recovery from injury, illness and surgery, immune enhancement, and improvement of general health and quality of life.


Initial consultations~90 min $90
Follow up appointments~60 min $80

Suggestions from our Full Menu

Many of our massage therapies are beneficial for men. Please visit our Massage Therapies page to read about them. If heat applied to the muscles is appealing, note the hot stone massages and the Thai Herbal Massage.

Massage Therapies

Our Ayurvedic Treatments focus on detoxification and soothing the nervous system. Note the Vishesh.

Ayurvedic Treatments