Energy Work

Energy Work comes in many different forms. The focus is creating harmony in the energy field around the body and in the chakra system.


A gentle hands-on energy technique which can induce a deep state of relaxation to restore physical and emotional well-being.


30 min 35  •  60 min 70  •  90 min 100

Crystal Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centers which sustain and maintain the energy field around the body. Crystals are placed on the major chakras to rejuvenate and awaken their energy. While you rest with the crystals, you will receive a Reiki treatment to help nourish and balance the energy in the mind, body, and spirit.


30 min 35  •  60 min 65

Mugwort Clearing

A gentle hands-on energy technique which works with the mugwort plant spirit to release energetic blockages.


45 min 55

Reiki Massage

A Signature Relaxation Massage with Reiki incorporated throughout.


60 min 80 • 90 min 105

Plant Spirit Massage

A relaxation massage coupled with Plant Spirit energy work. A special infused herbal oil and flower essence are chosen just for your session.


90 min 105

Chakra Illumination

Cleanse stuck or heavy energies from the energy field to help change behaviors or ways of thinking. This practice comes from the Andean tradition of energy medicine from Peru.


90 min 80