Body Treatments

Skin not only protects our bodies, it helps to keep us healthy by releasing toxins and absorbing nutrients. Body treatments promote beautiful skin and support our over all health by increasing circulation, assisting with detoxification, and replenishing hydration.  And they are an extra special treat for your whole being.

Salt Glow

A custom blended body scrub exfoliates the skin. Hot towels and a quick shower are followed by massage with a body moisturizer, leaving your skin silky smooth and glowing.


30 min $65 • 60 min $90 • 90 min $115

Hydrating Body Wrap

Massage with silk gloves gently exfoliates the body and prepares the skin for a warm hydrating body butter. While wrapped in a snug cocoon, massage of the scalp and feet releases all tension. This treatment is deeply moisturizing and relaxing.


60 min $85 • 90 min $110

Back Facial

Skin care for the back; a cleanse, exfoliation, massage and moisturizing treatment for this hard to reach place. Extractions will be performed if desired.


50 min $65

Clay Body Mask

A blend of clay and herbs are gently massaged into the skin to increase elasticity and purify. Hot towels and quick rinse are followed by an application of warm oil to sooth the nervous system and nourish the skin.


60 min $95 • 90 min $120