Ayurvedic Bodywork

Ayurveda is an ancient form of health care from India. The following are traditional treatments which support health and longevity by nourishing the nervous system while detoxifying the body and mind.



This classic Indian massage begins with silk gloves to stimulate the lymph and gently exfoliate the skin. A deeply nourishing, rhythmic warm oil massage soothes the nerves and restores vitality. Hot towel compresses complete the service, leaving you centered and relaxed.


60 min $95


A slightly vigorous massage with warm herbal oil relaxes the muscles while helping to release toxins from deep within the tissues.


50 min $90


This traditional Ayurvedic treatment is highly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, or any nervous tension. It clears the mind and creates a feeling of total bliss. A thorough scalp massage is followed by warm herbal oil poured continuously over the forehead and into the hair with focus on the third eye.


60 min $90

Ayurvedic Facial Treatment

Herb and clay facial masks and soften the skin while an Ayurvedic scalp, face, hand, and foot massage restores and revitalizes the nervous system for a state of blissful relaxation.


60 min $80


A traditional treatment to help clear the sinuses. A head, neck and shoulder massage with a warm herbal oil is followed by a facial steam and the inhalation of lubricating nasal drops. This treatmen promotes deep breathing mental clarity and emotional happiness. It can also help diminish under eye circles.


30 min $45