18 Oct Jasmine Day Spa Signature Facials

Our Signature Facials blend classic European skin care techniques with Ayurvedic facial care for radiant results. Exotic scents, antioxidant rich ingredients, and specially designed treatments offer a unique and deeply restorative facial experience.

Signature Ageless Facial
For normal and mature skin types, a powerful anti-aging facial which deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and restores. Aromatherapy compresses set the stage for a hydrating cleanse and two step exfoliation; a microcrystal exfoliating scrub followed by an herb and clay enzyme mask. Extractions with be performed if desired. A transformative Ayurvedic facial massage nourishes and calms the skin while balancing the nervous system. The facial finishes with a layer of firming repair serums and creams, leaving you restored and radiant.

Signature Moisture Rich Facial
Gently exfoliating and hydrating for very dry to sensitive skin types.
Aromatherapy compresses and a hydrating cleanser are followed by a clay and herb exfoliating mask to soften and brighten dull, dry skin. A restorative facial massage and moisturizing mask complement a layering of deeply hydrating serums and creams.

Signature Purifying Facial
Cleansing and balancing for congested or acneic skin.
Aromatherapy compresses and purifying cleanser are followed by an exfoliating mask and extractions. Gentle massage relieves tension, and blemish support products leave the skin calm, clean, and balanced.

All Signature Facials are one hour and $83.

Add Ons
Foot Soak, Scrub and Massage
add 30 min $40

Hand Treatment
Exfoliation and Massage
add 20 min $30

Scalp and Hair Treatment
add 20 min $30

To book your Signature Facial, or to contact a member of our staff, please contact us via phone 802-257-0333 or email info@jasminevt.com.