11 Apr Oil Free Night Care by Dr. Hauschka

As your body slows upon evening’s approach, the crucial period of renewal and regeneration for your skin begins. Dr. Hauschka oil free night care supports the skin’s essential nightly processes and allows it to breathe freely.

At night, your skin flourishes when offered water-based night care products like Night Serum that enable the skin to regenerate and revitalize. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care recommends only water-based preparations at night so the skin´s important night-time processes can function properly without becoming dependent upon product.

Dr. Hauschka recommends a three step night regime; cleanse, tone and vitalize with either the Night Serum or Regenerating Serum. If your skin has lost its natural balance and requires additional support and guidance, you will want to alter your nightly regimen to include an Intensive Treatment or a series of Conditioner ampules. During this period, you will not use a serum or toner. The Conditioner ampules and Intensive Treatments are used for a period of 28 days to coincide with your skin’s natural cycle of skin regeneration. These products offer highly specialized care that works to quickly guide skin to a calm, even and balanced state.

To learn more about these products, or to find out about your best night care regime, give us a call or stop in to Jasmine.