11 Apr New Night Time Facial Treatment

We are now offering the new Dr. Hauschka Night Time Treatment. This unique facial is designed especially for the evening hours to help you and your skin get a good night’s rest, and awaken refreshed.
This is a 45 minute treatment during which you will enjoy a foot bath, leg massage, a two step cleanse, and a gentle lymph stimulation massage. It finishes with the application of a night time serum or conditioner.

Dr. Hauschka offers special night time products which are oil-free to allow the skin to breathe freely and perform it’s night time functions of cleansing, oil production, and renewal. This approach may initially seem strange; however, it enables the skin to care for itself and respects the skins natural processes without becoming dependent on product.

To read more about Dr. Hauschka oil free night care, visit our post Oil Free Night Care by Dr. Hauschka.

Contact us at info@jasminevt.com or 802-257-0333 to schedule your treatment.