03 Mar Ayurvedic Body Treatments

Ayurveda is the traditional health care system from India, a sister science to yoga. Ayurvedic body treatments were designed to restore and nourish the nervous system while stimulating the bodies natural detoxification and immune functions for better health and longevity.

While more familiar forms of massage focus on muscles and specific areas of tension, Ayurvedic treatments follow a specific flow on the body which results in a feeling of relaxation and centeredness.  Areas of tension release as the prana, or life force energy, is released from areas of stagnation. The consciousness is awakened and the nervous system restored.

All Ayurvedic treatments use specially formulated herbal oils, warmed and applied lavishly to the body. The oils have two primary effects; the first is to calm the nervous system deeply by nourishing the skin, and the second is to give toxins a vehicle with which to move out of the body. The oils are traditionally sesame based and infused with medicinal herbs, prepared in brass vessels over a slow fire for a period of days.

We offer many Ayurvedic body treatments at Jasmine day spa, including the following;

Abhyanga Garshana is a body massage central to Ayurvedic bodywork. It begins with a brisk massage with silk gloves which stimulates the lymphatic system and gently exfoliates the skin. Then a rhythmic warm oil massage continues to stimulate the lymph while relaxing the muscles and the nervous system. The flow of the massage intends to move any stagnant prana, or life force energy, in the body and awaken the consciousness.

Vishesh is similar to the Abhyanga Garshana, however it works more deeply in the tissues to relax the muscles and release toxins.

Indian Bliss TreatmentShirodhara is a unique treatment in which the warm herbal oil is poured in a steady stream over the forehead and into the hair continuously for at least 20 minutes. This releases all mental tension, and allows for clarity and bliss. Shirodhara is especially helpful for relieving anxiety, insomnia, or excess nervous tension.

Nasya is a traditional treatment for clearing sinuses, lubricating sinus tissues, and improving mental clarity.

The Ayurvedic Facial Treatment is a scalp, face, hand and foot massage with clay and herb facial masks integrated throughout. The massage focuses on restoring the nervous system for deep relaxation, calming balance and centeredness.

For more information about our Ayurvedic treatments, you can visit our Ayurvedic Bodywork page http://jasminevt.com/services/ayurvedic-bodywork/