07 Dec Holiday Skin

With the winter holidays come common skin triggers. Many foods including alcohol and sugar are triggers for any kind of breakout. Stress, insufficient sleep, and travel are also hard on the skin, making imbalance more likely. Besides facials, I find masking to be the most effective way to support the skin through this more challenging season. Clay masks help clean out pores, detoxify, and exfoliate away flaky skin. Creamy nourishing masks help to hydrate, soothe, and balance.

The Dr. Hauschka masks are impressively effective. Their Clay Mask is the most gentle and soothing clay mask I have ever used. It brightens dulls skin while soothing redness and deeply cleaning. The two best creamy masks for balancing any kind of flare up are the Rejuvenating Mask and the Soothing Mask. The Rejuvenating Mask balances water and oil, perfect for someone who breaks out but is dehydrated at the same time. The Soothing Mask calms and deeply nourishes stressed, inflamed skin. Feel free to stop in to Jasmine Day Spa to find the best mask for you.