30 Aug What are Rhythmitized Dilutions?

Rhythmitized Dilutions are botanical extracts. These medicinal extracts are created by a unique “Rhythmical Processing” method discovered by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka in 1929.

Dr. Hauschka was determined to find a way to create medicinal extracts without the use of alcohol. He felt alcohol put stress on an already imbalanced body and wanted to create extracts using water. During this time he consulted the famous philosopher Rudolf Steiner who told Dr. Hauschka to study rhythm as “rhythm carries life”.  His solution was to emerge botanicals into water, then expose them to a cycle of polarities including stillness and movement, warmth and cool, and darkness and light for 7 days. The method was a success, resulting in medicinal extracts with such a high vitality they require no preservatives and have a long shelf life. The “mother extracts” are diluted and used in medicinal preparations, thus “rhythmitized dilutions”. These extracts are key ingredients found in Dr. Hauschka’s Rhythmic Night Conditioner, Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive, and all of the Intensive Treatments.